1. A digital electronic ballot counter box
M.S. ahmed and L.S. Lawal

2. A novel surface profile measurement system
Nashtara Islam, Rebert Parkin, Mike Jackson and Peter Mueller

3. Complete wetting of acrylic solid substrate with silicone oil at the center of the substrate
Derrick O. Njobuenwu

4. Cyclic modular destination graphs in the hypercube
Dobri Atanassov Batovski

5. Editorial information management matters

6. Enhancement of digital image by c programming language
Darun Kesrarat

7. Fruits and vegetables handling and transportation in nigeria
P.A. Idahm E.S.A. Ajisegiri and M.G. Yisa

8. Modeling fracture and cracking resistance of palm nuts (dura variety)
S.I. Manuwa

9. Refractory properties of termite hills under varied proportions of additives
M.B. Ndaliman

10. Stress corrosion cracking susceptibility of medium carbon steel in caustic and potash media
A.S. Afolabi and J.O. Borode