1. Analysis of chemical and microbiological changes during over-fermentation of naem by using biochemical and molecular biology methods
Trilert Chaicherdsakul, Worrawalan Phoonsawat and Vethachai Plengvidhy

2. Determination of moulding properties of locally available clays for casting operations
M.S. Abolarin, O.A. Olugboji and I.C. Ugwuoke

3. Editorial organic agriculture – part 2 the reality

4. Effects of pouring temperature and squeeze pressure on the properties of al-8 percent si alloy squeeze cast components
A. Raji and R. H. Khan

5. Environmental challenges in the 21st century
Sr. Little Flower

6. Experimental investigation and modeling of moisture solubility in r-12 and r-134a
M.A. Akintunde

7. Improvement of production method for electric transmission concrete pole in a developing zone in nigeria
S. F. Oritola

8. It application outsourcing a category and evaluation of application service providers
Boonlert Watjatrakul

9. Social network influences on reproductive health behavior of myanmar migrants in maha chai, samut sakorn, thailand
Myint Thu, Hmwe Hmwe Kyu

10. States of matter - part ii. the three additional states plasma, bose-einstein condensate and fermionic condensate
David Tin Win

11. The control operator for the one-dimensional energized wave equation
Victor O. Waziri and Sunday A. Reju

12. The diagnostic classification of pathological gambling
Troy L. Bruner