1. Cooperative learning and the achievement of students in science, man, and his environment
Watcharee Numprasert

2. Design and performance evaluation of a wastewater treatment unit
B. Mohammed

3. Design, construction and performance evaluation of a laboratory extrusion rig
B. I. Ugheoke

4. Editorial organic agriculture. part i – optimistic viewpoint

5. Effect of tomato seed meal on wheat pasting properties and alkaline noodle qualities
Kamontip Ekthamasut

6. Flat plate collector solar cooker v.9-03
O.A. Ogunwole

7. How to write abstract v.9-03

8. Neural network based priority assignment for job scheduler
Kothalil Gopalakrishnan Anilkumar and Thitipong Tanprasert

9. Numerical modeling of laser machining on the ceramic surface
Chavdar Momchilov Hardalov, Christo Georgiev Christov and Mihail Stoyanov Mihalev

10. Premenstrual syndrome among female university students in thailand
Myint Thu, Edessa Ore-Giron Diaz and Sawhsarkapaw

11. States of matter - part i the three common states solid, liquid, gas
David Tin Win

12. Sustainable sorting, recycling and disposal of solid waste
Elfren Bringas Paz

13. Temperature changes in bulk stored maize
B. A. Alabadan

14. Urban air pollution by process industry in kaduna, nigeria
A.S Abdulkareem and A.S Kovo