1. An accessment of mechanical properties of medium carbon steel under different quenching media
M.B. Ndaliman

2. Breath alcohol testers -prevents road accidents
David Tin Win

3. Comment on performance evaluation of vdsl network with fuzzy control policing mechanisms
Dobri A. Batovski

4. Droplet profiles for partial wetting of aqueous solution from a constant source on solid surface
Derrick O. Njobuenwu

5. Editorial plagiarism self-plagiarism and professional ethics

6. How to write times and dates in scientific literature

7. Modelling of a gas-absorption packed column for carbon dioxide-sodium hydroxide system
M.A. Olutoye and A. Mohammed

8. Quality of low-calorie mixed herbs drink containing aspartame and acesulfame-k
Anchan Choonhahirun

9. Roles of it in music production
Paitoon Porntrakoon

10. Simulation of unhusked corncob hut fire
Ogwuagwu, O. Vincent

11. The analytical solutions of the one-dimensional energy
Victor O. Waziri and Sunday A. Reju

12. The application of visual basic computer programming language to simulate numerical iterations
A.B. Hassan, M.S. Abolarin and O.H. Jimoh

13. The design of a radiation-recuperative heat exchanger for a 200kg capacity rotary furnace
A.T. Oyelami and S.B. Adejuyigbe