1. An experimental study of hunting in evaporators
C. O. Adegoke and M. A. Akintunde

2. Automated industrial load measurement system
Seshanna Panthala, Nashtara Islam, Sajed Ahmed Habib

3. Development of a single phase automatic change-over switch
M.S. Ahmed, A.S. Mohammed and O.B. Agusiobo

4. Editorial- climatic 9-11

5. Environmental pollution -especially air pollution- and public health
Sr.Little Flower

6. Flow-shop problems- a heuristic search algorithm
Graham Winley

7. How to arrange non-conventional names in reference citations

8. Improving accuracy of wifi positioning system by using geographical information system (gis)
Tussanai Parthornratt and Kittiphan Techakittiroj

9. Simulation of heat transfer in thin plates during arc welding
Ogwuagwu, O. Vincent

10. The nuclear waste issue -technical facts and philosophical aspects
David Tin Win

11. Transient free convection generated by a heated vertical plate in a rectangular cavity
S.A. Ayo

12. Z8 encore microcontroller based data logging system
Nashtara Islam, Robert Watson, Philip Moore