1. An improved zero-voltage-transition technique in a single-phase active power factor correction circuit
Suriya Kaewarsa

2. Coordinate system for 3-d model used in robotic end-effector
Zulfiqar Ali Soomro

3. Editorial water for life

4. Furfural - gold from garbage
David Tin Win

5. Impact of traffic emission on air quality in a developing city of nigeria
P.N. Ndoke and O.D. Jimoh

6. Implementation of a single-phase unipolar inverter using dsp tms320f241
Narong Aphiratsakun, Sanjiva Rao Bhaganagarapu and Kittiphan Techakittiroj

7. Khmer civilization in isan
Khemita Visudharomn

8. Modeling of water turbidity parameters in a water treatment plant
J.O. Odigure, A.B. Abubakar and A.S. Kovo

9. Performance evaluation of vdsl network with fuzzy control policing mechanisms
Somchai Lekcharoen and Chanintorn Jittawiriyanukoon

10. Selection of cutting tool for turning a-titanium alloy bt5.
O.O. Awopetu, O.A. Dahunsi and A.A. Aderoba

11. Study of low voltage high current single phase controlled rectifier with a bi-directional igbt switch on the primary side of the transformer
Seshanna Panthala

12. Techno-economic analysis of solar energy for electric power generation
Hauwa T. Abdulkarim