1. A critique on thermal naa estimation of coinage metals in ancient myanmar coins
David Tin Win

2. A model for auto-focus using location detection based on sound localization
Paitoon Porntrakoon, Darun Kesrarat, and Jirapun Daengdej

3. A study of adaptive rate algorithm in atm network flow control
Surasee Prahmkaew and Chanintorn Jittawiriyanukoon

4. Development of a rice threshing machine
Olugboji O.A.

5. Editorial- versatility of coconut oil

6. Effect of immobilized materials on saccharomyces cerevisiae
Abdulfatai Jimoh

7. My son taught his uncle-in-law to quit smoking
Absorn Meesing

8. Transaction and information management model for the e-commerce of highly valuable traditional products in thailand a conceptual framework
Sakuna Vanichvisuttikul

9. Using vetiver for gully erosion control
Mavis Rostedt