1. A study in johnson's formula fundal height measurement for estimation of birth weight
Watchree Numprasert

2. Delivery of affordable alternative energy resources today and tomorrow facing up to the fossil fuel problem
Elfren B. Paz

3. Design, construction and experimental study of the thermal performance of a parabolic cylindrical through solar air heater
A Nasir

4. Editorial-coconut oil hazardous or beneficial

5. Modelling of microbial growth in a wastewater treatment plant a case study of textile industry in kaduna, nigeria
A.S Abdulkareem

6. Neutron activation analysis (naa)
David Tin Win

7. The experimental arrangement for the control method validation in the fault-tolerant benes network
Gennady Veselovsky, Mohammad H. Karim and Maliha Mahboo

8. The use of diesel-oil treated with inorganic salt as an alternative to kerosene
Abdulfatai Jimoh