1. Chemistry of ozone shield destruction
David Tin Win and Thandee Kywe

2. Cold tolerant or altitude adapted oil palm hybrid development initiatives in the asia-pacific region
K.R. Chapman, Ricardo Escobar, and Peter Griffee

3. Effects of inclusion on die contact compressive stress during copper shaped wire drawing by 2d fea
Somchai Norasethasopon

4. Fuzzy intrusion detection system
Piyakul Tillapart, Thanachai Thumthawatworn and Pratit Santiprabhob

5. Impact of intellectual property right on development and use of hybrid crop varieties in developing countries thailand experience
Sutat Sriwatanapongse

6. On the performance of prime sequence codes for fiber optic code-division multiple-access networks
Pham Manh Lam

7. The architectural and lifestyle applications of artificial intelligence
Elfren B. Paz

8. The role of vetiver in controlling water quantity and treating water quality an overview with special reference to thailand
Narong Chomchalow