1. Ber analysis for synchronous all-optical cdma lans with modified prime codes
Pham Manh Lam

2. Computer aided design module for a binary distillation column
K.R. Onifade

3. Criminal abortions among adolescents
Wanita Intaburan

4. Editorial - training success

5. Factors affecting organizational effectiveness of nursing institutes in thailand
Watana Vinitwatanakhun

6. Flooding and climatic changes the greatest threats in the history of the world
Elfren B. Paz

7. Hybrid genetic algorithms - modeling and application to the quadratic assignment problem
Patrick Copalu and Pataya Dangprasert

8. Inrush current control in transformers
Seshanna Panthala

9. N-centrum and steiner n-center of a tree
San San Aye

10. Recursively optimal robust filtering of linear systems
Thanet Thangtanaumrung and Thiraphong Charoenkhunwiwat