1. Alternative health for holistic care
Yaowalak Jittakoat

2. An alternative electrode system for monitoring belousov-zhabotinsky chemical oscillations
David T. Win, Myint Myint Than, and Myint Myint Aye

3. Coffee production status and potential of organic arabica coffee in thailand
Pongsak Angkasith

4. Curve matching by using b-spline curves
Tet Toe and Tang Van To

5. Editorial - second green revolution

6. Post-harvest processing and quality assurance for speciality - organic coffee products
Alastair Hicks

7. Preparation of activated carbon by reduction of so2 adsorbed on palm oil with microwave energy
Rungsan Lawanna

8. Synchronous optical fiber code-division multiple-access networks with bipolar capacity
Pham Manh Lam

9. Viscosity and gel formation of a konjac flour from amorphophallus oncophyllus
Adisak Akesowan