1. Mineralogical and chemical characteristics of gossan waste rocks from a gold mine in northeastern thailand
Thitiphan Assawincharoenkij, Christoph Hauzenberger, Chakkaphan Sutthirat

2. Solid waste generation, composition and management in paro hotel industry
Choni Zangmo, Alice Sharp

3. Bioaccumulation of heavy metals using selected organisms isolated from electronic waste dumpsite of two south-western states in nigeria
Akintokun Kofoworola Aderonke, Onatunde Oladimeji, Shittu Olufunke, Okeyode Caroline, Taiwo Oluwambe Michael

4. Potential biosurfactant-producing bacteria from pharmaceutical wastewater using simple screening methods in south-west, nigeria
Seun Owolabi Adebajo

5. Kaolin modified nano zero valent iron synthesis via box-behnken design optimization
Pummarin Khamdahsag, Wannakan Thongkao, Apichart Saowapakpongchai, Visanu Tanboonchuy

6. Microbial dynamics and biogas production during single and co-digestion of cow dung and rice husk
Wasiu Ayodele Abibu

7. A gis model for pm10 exposure from biomass burning in the north of thailand
Wanida Jinsart, Borworn Mitmark

8. Dominant root associated fungi (raf) from drynaria quercifolia l. either induce or retard growth of psb rc10 rice (oryza sativa l.) in gibberellic acid-inhibited medium
Jomar Lozano Aban, Racquel C. Barcelo, Evelyn E. Oda, Gaudelia A. Reyes, Teodora D. Balangcod, Rosemary M. Gutierrez, Roland M. Hipol