1. A hybrid law model for the management of waste electrical and electronic equipment- a case of the new draft law in thailand
Sujitra Vassanadumrongdee, Panate Manomaivibool

2. Greenhouse gas emission in jewelry industry- carbon footprint of a silver flat ring
Parnuwat Usapein, Chantra Tongcumpou

3. The econometric model of ship-generated operational waste- the underlying tool for waste management in container port
Chalermpong Senarak

4. Acidic recovery from wastewater of automotive battery plant using membrane technology
Nantanee Chaimongkalayon

5. Seed germination and growth parameters of zea mays l. as influenced by municipal solid waste incineration fly ash (mswifa) and sewage sludge (ss) amended soil
Pensiri Akkajit, Wannaporn Nuamkongman

6. Species-specific responses of water use by urban trees to artificial soil drought- results from a small-scale study
Pantana Tor-ngern, Somsak Panha

7. Integrating human health into environmental impact assessment- review of health impact assessment in thailand
Phayong Thepaksorn