1. Locating climate justice within a national context
Rebeca Leonard, Jacques-Chai Chomthongdi

2. Removal of nitrate by bimetallic copper-nanoscale zero-valent iron
Nalinee Krasae, Kitirote Wantala, Puek Tantriratna, Nurak Grisdanurak

3. Exposure to btex and assessment of the potential risk among pregnant residents living in the vicinity of a petro-chemical industrial estate
Santi Keadthongthawee, Nipa Maharachpong, Sirirat Chanvaivit, Nalinee Sripaung, Nantaporn Phatrabuddha

4. Silicate as the probable causative agent for the periodic blooms in the coastal waters of south andaman sea
Karthik Raji, Arun Kumar Muthuraj, Gadi Padmavati

5. Environmental and economic of flooring building materials
Nachawit Tikul

6. Utilization of cellular glass insulation waste in construction materials
Thitikorn Buasomboon, Orathai Chavalparit

7. Variation of vocs inside a new car during the first year and their relationship to temperature
Maneerat Ongwandee, Thabtim Chatsuvan, Theerapong Sairat, Kritsanaphong Lephol

8. Incremental concentration of black carbon aerosol from road traffic in inner bangkok
Panwadee Suwattiga