1. Physicochemical properties of low glycemic index-high fiber rice flour from storage rice grain and application on chocolate chip cookies as substitute for wheat flour
Tunsuda Parinya, Ubonrat Phomphang, Napaporn Deesnam, Jirapa Pongjanta

2. Effects of transglutaminase and kappa-carrageenan on the physical and sensory qualities of fish (pangasianodon hypophthalmus) patties
Phantipha Chareonthaikij*, Jirayu Srilarp, Nathamon Winnavoravej, Tanat Uan-On, Damir D. Torrico, Chantharat Phitchayaphon

3. Quality of repeated use of oil for frying chinese deep fried dough (pa-tong-kho)
Chowladda Teangpook, Urai Paosangtong, Yenjai Titatarn, Somchit Onhem, Winus Puminat

4. Effects of yanang (tiliacora triandra) gum on gelation of waxy rice flour
Wisutthana Samutsri, Sujittra Thimtuad

5. Understanding indonesian people: consumer acceptance and emotions study of green tea products from thailand
Piyaporn Chueamchaitrakun, Piyaporn Chueamchaitrakun, Dede R. Adawiyah, Witoon Prinyawiwatkul

6. Mers model of thai and south korean population
Jiraporn Lamwong, I-Ming Tang, Puntani Pongsumpun