1. Dynamic behaviour of a doubly fed induction machine with generator-side converter under abnormal condition
Nattapong Chayawatto, Egon Ortjohann and Somchai Chatratana

2. Effects of leachate irrigation on landfill vegetation and cover soil qualities
Wilai Chiemchaisri, Chart Chiemchaisri, Ubonwan Yodsang, Nawapat Luknanulak and Sayan Tudsri

3. Lighting energy management the case of road lighting in brunei darussalam
Pengiran Shamsuddin and Ake Chaisawadi

4. Performance of a pv-ventilated greenhouse dryer for drying bananas
Serm Janjai, Chamnong Chaichoet and Poonsuk Intawee

5. Small hydropower as an important renewable energy resource in thailand
Pramote Chamamahattana, Wattana Kongtahworn and Rudklao Pan-aram